Papa Smurf’s Brithday game 755216

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Papa Smurf’s Brithday game 755216

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It is Papa Smurf’s birthday, a big party is being prepared in the Smurf village.
Painter Smurf draws the portrait of Papa Smurf but he needs colours.
Handyman Smurf makes the table but needs nails.
Prankster Smurf wants to wrap his present but needs paper.
Aim of the game: The first player to put all the pieces of the puzzle together wins.
To get the puzzle pieces, you need to collect 1 token per house (cake, colour palette, toolbox and gift).

Manufacturer: Puppy
Model: 755216
Copyright: Peyo – Licensed through IMPS (Belgium)
Material: cardboard
Condition: new


The presentation picture is only an illustration.
The game you will receive may be slightly different from the one shown on this picture.

This game is not suitable for children under 4 years old.


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