Terms and Conditions


The online store operating at www.crazyblue.eu.com/pl/es/ch, has been set up and remains the property of its owner referred as Crazy Blue Walcap, 1420 Braine l’Alleud in Belgium. These terms and conditions set out the rules for using the online store, in particular the rights and obligations of the parties, in connection with the online sale of goods and services offered by Crazy Blue Walcap. All information concerning the rules of buying the product, contained on the above-mentioned site, means that the consumer fully accepts the conditions included and set out in the store’s regulations.

The consumer also acknowledges that the goods purchased at www.crazyblue.eu.com/pl/es/ch are for private use only, it is prohibited to distribute the goods for any commercial purposes.


These regulations specify the terms of cooperation between Crazy Blue Walcap and the consumer. In case of failure to comply with one of the conditions of the regulations, appropriate procedures will be implemented for the online sales department, which has its registered office in Belgium.


Terms and conditions of sale are valid at the time of order acceptance. Approval of the order is tantamount to acceptance of all sale conditions, including the consumer’s acceptance of goods and shipping costs. Placing an order is equivalent to signing the contract between the Seller and the Buyer – based on the electronic signature between the parties, which has the same value as the handwritten signature. These terms of sale assume the period of ordering and delivery of goods and services until the warranty period expires.


The order made by the consumer is carried out through a verified individual user account. In order to shorten the possible time of proceeding the purchase, it is necessary for the consumer to make the payment at the time of placing an order. No reduction or compensation is allowed. Crazy Blue Walcap agrees to honor orders received within the limits of available stocks of products. In the absence of product availability Crazy Blue Walcap undertakes to inform the consumer as soon as possible about the lack of ordered goods. In case of accomplished payment, the consumer may apply for a refund of the paid amount or replacement of the ordered product with another one. The terms stipulated in the order will be confirmed by e-mail, within a reasonable time, to the address indicated by the consumer when ordering.


The products for sale presented on the online store Crazy Blue Walcap allow the consumer to familiarize with the essential characteristics of the products he wants to acquire before ordering. Without exceptions (unless mentioned on the technical sheet), the photos of the articles are as accurate as possible, but they are not able to reflect the complete similarity to the product obtained. Minimal differences may apply to colors, shades, textures, shapes – which may vary depending on the production series.


The price of the products is indicated in euros and does not take delivery costs into account. The prices take into account the VAT applicable or not on the day of the order. It is important to make payment for the total value of the order. No deposit will be accepted.


The consumer has all the methods of payment indicated before the validation of the purchase order. The choice of payment method by the consumer and the possibility of its implementation is a guarantee for Crazy Blue Walcap, confirming the credibility of the customer while checking the correctness of the order.

Crazy Blue Walcap is authorized to suspend the order if the payment authorization is refused.


The order will be delivered to the address provided by the consumer in the order form. The consumer is obliged to check the condition of the packaging and goods upon receipt and to report any damage of the goods to the carrier and Crazy Blue Walcap within 5 days. Packages are carried out in accordance with the form of delivery chosen by the consumer, who is responsible for damage caused during transport. In case of long delays in delivery caused by the fault of the carrier, we recommend to lodge a written complaint regarding untimely delivery of services (click here: https://www.dhl.be/fr/centre_de_contact/contacter_express/contact_express_management.html) and inform Crazy Blue Walcap contact@crazyblue.eu so that we can support the customer in this process.


The consumer has 14 working days to return products that do not suit him. The right to withdraw from the order is not subject to any financial penalty, except for transport costs which are covered by the consumer. The period of 14 days runs when the order is delivered to the consumer (date of receipt). After accepting the complaint / return Crazy Blue Walcap will send a special code (that needs to be indicated on the parcel) along with the place of delivery of the returned shipment. No returns will be accepted without the prior consent of Crazy Blue Walcap. Upon receipt of the returned products, Crazy Blue Walcap undertakes to reimburse the cost of the product to the consumer as soon as possible, provided that the returned products are intact and undamaged.

Consumers are required to notify Crazy Blue Walcap of the reasons for product return. The products must be returned in the received condition, complete and in their original packaging, all following the mode of transport at the consumer’s choice but in traceable mode required. Because the shipped products are packed with the utmost care, Crazy Blue Walcap expects the same care when sending the consignment back to the consumer. Crazy Blue Walcap is released from the obligation to fulfill orders in case of circumstances beyond the company’s control, such as war, rebellion, fire, strikes, accident or shortage of goods. In the event of disruption and prolonged network failure Crazy Blue Walcap temporarily suspends delivery until the problem is resolved, without the consumer being able to invoke any claim for compensation In the event of fraudulent returns of goods, Crazy Blue Walcap reserves the right to refuse a return and / or subsequent order.


The responsibility of Crazy Blue Walcap can not be engaged in case of inconvenience or injury due to the use of the Internet, according to the jurisprudence. Under these conditions, Crazy Blue Walcap’s liability is limited to the amount of the order. Crazy Blue Walcap cannot assure the consumer of the complete resemblance between the product presented on the website of the store and the goods supplied, because these slight differences are due to the production / series of the producer. Crazy Blue Walcap is not responsible in the event of non-delivery for any external reason. Crazy Blue Walcap formally undertakes not to disclose any confidential information provided by the consumer. The information and data provided by the consumer will be used internally to process his order until delivery.


All information, products and photos on www.crazyblue.eu.com/pl/es/ch are protected by copyright and can only be used by Crazy Blue Walcap, including all downloaded files and photos.


The conditions of sale presented are subject to Belgian law. In the event of a possible complaint, the consumer should first submit a written complaint to Crazy Blue Walcap by e-mail to the following address: contact@crazyblue.eu, in order to find a friendly solution if possible. In the absence of an amicable agreement, only the courts of Brabant Wallon are competent and this, whatever the place of delivery.


The present general conditions of sale apply following the aforementioned conditions.